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Fish Pickles

About Us

A passion for authentic and local flavours had us thinking about non-vegetarian pickles. We bring this passion and love for non-vegetarian pickles from our kitchen to your tables, through Bloom Foods. We offer four varieties of pickles to keep your meals tasty and you happy, and intend to bring in more, very soon.


Our promise to you

We are committed to the quality of our pickles and your well-being. Our pickles are made and packaged in a manner to keep them safe for consumption. We make a personal guarantee that you will love the experience of opening each Bloom Foods' pickle bottle and finishing it up, to the last bit. Say happy pickle to every meal!



Our Pickles

We currently have non-vegetarian pickles in our kitty and very shortly, we will be coming up with a lot more!

  1. Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle

    Made with juicy chunks of high quality poultry, our Andhra style chicken pickle will get you licking your spoon clean.

  2. Andhra Prawn Pickle

    In love with the flavour of the sea? Well, we got it in each bottle of our spicy prawn pickle. It’s fresh, it’s good and it’s king size prawns in every bite!

  3. Andhra Keema Pickle

    Minced meat tastes best in our Andhra style keema pickle. It’s literally the best thing that can ever happen to you. Tried it yet?

  4. Boneless Andhra Mutton Pickle

    Lamb tenders coated in exotic spices, dipped in a rich Andhra gravy; that’s how you want each spoonful of hot and spicy mutton pickle to taste.

  5. Boneless Andhra Gongura Chicken Pickle

    Made with juicy chunks of chicken infusion blend of sorrel leaves and other exotic spices. Try out our fusion.

Our Products Will Make You Walk Down The Memory Lane

Apart from quality ingredients, a lot of care, love, hygiene and health go into each bottle that leaves our kitchen. Our recipes have been passed down the generations and actually date back to when mortar and pestle was the only way to grind spices up, and everything delectable was seasonal, made in small batches and tucked away safely in thick bottomed ceramic jars. So you see? Every bottle is a time machine. Open it, and you are driven back to the good old days.

Our ingredients

  • Meat

    We source fresh halal meat and deveined prawns for all our non vegetarian recipes from our trusted livestock partners. Once sourced, everything is frozen to ensure proper preservation.

  • Spices

    Hand-picked premium quality spices, some fresh, some dried are used in all our recipes. Our spices are our secret to the aroma that fills your home and heart after every lid is opened.

  • Oil

    Your health is important for us. A large portion of the stuff that enters your body, contains fat - good and bad. We ensure good fat in all our recipes. We use groundnut oil, which ensures extended shelf life and health.

  • Preservatives?

    Nope! That stuff is simply not allowed at any point in our production line.