Hello from Bloom!

We are excited to announce the launch of Bloom Foods!

Authentic Andhra Pickles

Why only non-vegetarian? 

Protein is an important source of nutrition for overall health of a human being. In India, we do not recognise the importance of protein in maintaining overall health. Our tendency to lean towards more vegetarian food because of historical and cultural reasons has lead to an average decrease in the strength of Indians. We will expound more on this in a future blog post. We aim to address this issue by providing easy and authentic, RTE non-vegetarian options.

How is this different from Licious, etc?

Companies such as Licious focus more on selling the raw meat itself. Whereas our focus is more on the homemade end-products of such meat, prepared hygienically using authentic recipes without using any kind of preservatives.

We aim to provide easier options for consumers, who do not have time to cook food for themselves and also because of changing food consuming habits. A customer need not always have the patience to wait for an order to be delivered on Swiggy, we provide convenient options for them in such cases. For example, they can make a quick sandwich by layering our pickles in between bread slices or using it as a dip for their tortilla chips. 

In India, with the growth in the economy, more and more people are moving away from their hometowns for employment. Also, they are on the lookout for new and interesting food from other regions of India. These items are not usually available on e-commerce websites and outside of local markets. We address these issues by providing a platform where you can easily order such food. 

As India opens up more and more to the world and we get to taste bites of gourmet world cuisine we are also discovering such food from other regions of India. There are lots of home cooks with knowledge of unique foods and culinary secrets. But, no platform for them to sell their products which is leading to loss of traditional knowledge. As the world exports their gourmet food to India and we get to experience them, our aim is to expose the rest of India and the world to Indian gourmet food and at the same time preserve our traditional knowledge. 

A tangential benefit of us doing this is that it helps create new economies for small scale vendors, all through the chain, from homemakers to butchers, right down to the poultry and shrimp farms. At the same time it provides an opportunity for folks cooking in the traditional style to innovate with Indian culinary traditions, while maintaining quality and authenticity. Our aim is to increase non-vegetarian consumption in India, by making it interesting and more widely available.

Preserve our heritage, but no preservatives in our food.

Boneless Andhra Mutton Pickle

What have you got going so far?

We have so far introduced Andhra style non-vegetarian pickles, which are prepared by two homemakers, based in Hyderabad and are planning on adding more products in the future. Check out our delicious and authentic Andhra Prawn Pickle,  Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle, Boneless Andhra Mutton Pickle, Andhra Keema Pickle.

Where did you get this idea?

After living the life of a corporate drone for many years Sid returned to India (will explain the reasoning in a future blog post) with a desire to do something on his own rather than working for somebody else, a couple of years ago. Meanwhile Rajesh had created his own startup and was exploring other startup opportunities. I synced up with him on returning and we started discussing ideas as to what can be done. It was during these discussions that Rajesh mentioned the idea that there are a lot of food products in India that don’t have much awareness throughout the country. Working in the food industry has always interested me. So we decided to explore this idea further. 

Sounds exciting! How do we place an order?

We have a lot of payment options, such as PayTM, RazorPay, PayU, where in you can use UPI, Net Banking or a card for payment. As a launch offer we are offering 20% off on all purchases. Please do avail yourself of this by using the offer code NEW20.

What’s in store for the future?

We have a wide range of exciting of products planned for the future, including products from other parts of India and some from the rest of the world. Thanks for joining us on this journey with us and stay tuned for further updates.