Hello World! Welcome to Bloom Foods. We are stoked to have you here.

The fact that you are here means you are in need of something that sets the niche food connoisseur in you at peace. Well, you are in the right place then!

We produce and share with the world little bites of our homemade happiness. We are on a mission to bring fresh, hygienic, flavourful & nutrient-rich niche food items, made in India, to your plate.

How it all started

Siddharth and Rajesh, ardent food lovers, teamed up with sisters Padmaja and Padma Latha, chefs extraordinaire, in setting up Bloom Foods. Born to the rich culinary heritage of South India, they had an urge to bring home-made food to a wider audience. Let’s say the urge was so intense, that they decided to actually start something that could bring happiness to every soul that is starved for home-based niche food, local to South India.

Thus begun, Bloom Foods. They set out to bring to your plate, everything that makes you feel a little closer to home, even when you are living in a foreign land. 

Our Values

Health: All our products are preservative free and are made from the best and freshest ingredients. We aim to follow well defined supply chain mechanisms.

Transparency: We provide details about everything that goes into our products. You deserve to know what you consume, so you can choose wisely.

Taste: All our recipes follow generations old kitchen secrets. We are dedicated to bringing to you, the best of flavours and taste.

Our Mantra: We exist to serve you, mouthfuls of goodness. 

You will definitely rave about us, if you are

  • A busy bachelor
  • A working couple
  • A student staying away from home
  • Stay at home dads
  • Working moms

Though we are currently busy producing and selling four varieties of non-vegetarian pickle, we have plans for more products to be launched soon.