Andhra Thali

Craving for a traditional Telugu meals? We bring to you a series of artworks highlighting the authentic food of the Telugu states. Are you a proponent of Vocal for Local and absolutely love Indian food , then checkout out our food art created by Chitra (@chitsdoodles).

mamidikaya pappu  
The first artwork in the series talks about the Andhra thali and the first post talks about pappu which is an integral part of an Andhra thali. There are different types of pappus and here we highlight the mamiidikaya (mango) pappu. The seasonality of this mango dal is what makes it special. Mix this pappu with #ghee and #rice with a scoop of our #chickenpickle in the side and attain bliss. Enjoy both veg and non-veg traditional food together!⠀We would like to hear from you as to how you like to eat or prepare your pappus or dals and what makes them unique. The best suggestion(s) will be shipped a free bottle of our pickle​​
The next dish in our thali series, is the #guttivankaya curry. This curry is a traditional #eggplant dish stuffed with a spicy masala paste which is an absolute must in an #andhra #thali. Apart from pappu, a regular curry and a fry are generally part of the thali. The spicy masala paste is what makes it uniquely andhra. It also makes it go well with rice.⠀

Traditionally thalis are served on plates made of banana or sal/banyan leaves. These are disposable plates which carry unique health benefits. For example, banana leaves contain natural anti-oxidants which are supposed to be absorbed by the food served on them.⠀

A shoutout to Chitra (@chitsdoodles) for the amazing artwork!⠀

Do let us know about eggplant curries which are unique to your state. Comment below to let us know about your favourites and stand a chance to win a free bottle of #chickenpickle.⠀
Maha Shivaratri greetings to everyone! Break your fast with some crunchy #vepudu, which is a great accompaniment to the main course in this Andhra #thali. Here we have a trio of accompaniments along with this vepudu/fry, which can be consumed by mixing with rice or as a side with the pappu or curry. ⠀

The fry we have over here is the #okrafry, which can be also made with peanuts or #cashewnuts to give it that extra oomph. An easy non-veg alternative is our Andhra #chickenpickle. ⠀

If you are a #dondakaya fan and prefer the dondakaya fry over the okra fry, then don't worry we have the option of the dondakaya #chutney, which is the second side accompaniment. ⠀

The third accompaniment is the #kobbari #karampodi. One of my favourite combinations is to mix a #podi with ghee, rice and #chickenpickle and take the highway to #spiceheaven. Give it a try!⠀

The greatness of the Andhra thali is such that you can mix and match the dishes however you want. There is no specific order actually and all the dishes complement each other. You could have any of these sides with curd also.⠀

Artwork by Chitra (@chitsdoodles).
The final course in the #thalimeal, before moving on to the sweet, is some kind of #rasam and curd, which have various benefits. Here we have the uniquely #andhra rasam #ulavacharu. ⠀

Ulavacharu is a rasam made out of ulavalu (horsegram) and #tamarind. It has a distinctive brown colour and a uniquely smooth texture. You can have this #chaaru with rice or drink it directly. A suggestion from us would be to have a spoon of our #chickenpickle along with the #rasamrice or #curdrice to make it even better.⠀

Here the ulavachaaru is being served in a #copperbowl which are supposed to have various health benefits.
chicken pickle
Bloom's Andhra #chickenpickle goes with all the savoury items on this #thali. You can have just the pickle mixed with rice and ghee. Or you can have it on the side with pappu rice, chaaru rice or #curdrice. Our recommendation is to try it by mixing it with the #podi, rice and ghee. If that is too dry or spicy, you can mix a little bit of #curd, instead off the ghee. ⠀

Comment below with your unique suggestions about how the pickle should be eaten. You can order the pickle from our website at We are offering 20% off when ordering two or more items.⠀
After all that #spicy hotness, its time to close the #thali with some sweet! That too with a very Andhra sweet. Coming to you all the way from the port city of Kakinada is the #kakinadakhaja. ⠀

The #ubhayagodavari districts are not only known for their lush green beauty but are also famous for producing two unique varieties of #khajas. Among these, we prefer the #kakinada khaja over the #tapeswaram #khaja. Even though the latter is delicious as well, we like the texture of the former one more. Bite into a piece and let the sweet syrup dribble down your mouth and then go for a second one!⠀