Andhra Prawn Pickle

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100% Authentic Andhra Prawn Pickle. No Preservatives, No Vinegar and Deveined.

Inspired by traditional South Indian pickles and made by using pickling techniques and recipe secrets passed down through generations of home made pickle makers, we bring to you, the best Andhra Prawn Pickle in the entire world!

Fresh harvests of prawns are pickled in exotic spices that are indigenous to the Telugu states. Batches of our prawn pickle contain fresh and deveined prawns mixed in native Andhra spices and condiments along with groundnut oil.

The Andhra Prawn Pickle stays good for consumption till 60 days from the manufacturing date.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts (per 100 grams)

Prawns, groundnut oil, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, salt, chilli powder, spices and condiments.


12 grams


5 grams


38 grams


415 Kcal


6 grams


1.5 grams


The prawns that enter our kitchens, are sourced from the largest and safest sea food farms in South India. We get our spices from trusted local vendors, thus guaranteeing quality of flavours. Our sources are what make us the best prawn pickle brand in India. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I have the Andhra Prawn Pickle with roti or poori?
  2. Ans: Yes, not just roti and poori but our Andhra Prawn Pickle goes perfectly with dosa, paratha and any other bread or crepe of your choice. For more ideas on tips and recipes, check out our blog.

  3. How long does this Andhra Prawn Pickle stay good for consumption?

    Ans: The pickle is best consumed before 60 days from manufacturing. It is highly recommended to store the bottle in your refrigerator and maintain a layer of oil on top of the pickle.

  4. Can I use this pickle instead of curry?

    Ans: Yes, when you don’t feel like cooking, you can pair it up with any food of your choice and enjoy your meal.

  5. How do you ensure that the pickle stays good without preservatives?

    Ans: Apart from ensuring hygienic condition during the preparation of the pickles and proper selection of packaging material (glass bottles which are induction sealed) our usage of salt, lemon juice and oil ensures not only the flavour but also the quality and shelf-life of the pickle. The salt and lemon juice used during the pickling process act as natural preservatives. We also ensure that the water content in the pickle stays at a minimum to reduce any chances of spoilage. Finally, maintaining a layer of oil on top of the bottled pickle ensures that the pickle stays fresh for as long as possible.

  6. Do you give value packs for bulk orders on your pickles?

    Ans: Yes, we provide value packs for bulk orders. Please get in touch with us on WhatsApp at +91-76000 76555 to discuss logistics and discounts.

  7. Is the Andhra Prawn Pickle safe for consumption for kids?

    Ans: Prawns should not be consumed by kids below 2 years of age. We recommend you to check if your kid is allergic to any ingredients, if that’s the case, please avoid consuming it. If the kid has accidentally consumed it, immediately contact your doctor. 

  8. Is the prawn in Andhra style prawn pickle properly deveined?

    Ans: Yes, we use properly deveined and cleaned batches of prawn in our pickles.

The secrets in our recipe

The king of the dish is the prawns. High quality prawns make our prawn pickles delectable and healthy. That, coupled with the fact that we use quality spices and follow a pickle making process that is unique to the Telugu lands, makes our prawn pickle one of its kind.

You won’t get anything even remotely close to how good and incredible our Andhra Prawn Pickle is.

What makes our Andhra prawn pickle a must-have in your daily menu? 

Prawns are an amazing source of protein. If the flavour of seafood is something you die for, this Andhra style prawn pickle is the choice for you. It’s healthy, tastes fantastic and goes well with almost every dish. Use it as a curry substitute when you are in no mood to cook or have it as a tasty side dish with a whole meal. The choice is yours!

This prawn pickle will remind you of Andhra style prawn curry. That’s because our prawn pickle has been inspired by traditional Andhra style prawn curry recipe.

So blend taste with health and goodness, and make your family keep asking for more.

Pair up the Andhra Prawn Pickle with your staples, or get creative!

Nothing beats a couple of spoons of pickle with your meal. Enjoy our Andhra style prawn pickle with

  • Rice and roti
  • Paratha and poori
  • Pita breads and gourmet sourdough breads
  • Dosa and idli

Looking for spicy Andhra prawn pickle in the US/UK/Middle East?

Miss mummy’s hand cooked meals in a foreign land? Don’t worry. Bloom Foods' Andhra Prawn Pickle can bring the nostalgia back to you in a bottle.

We also export our pickles to the US/UK/Middle East

Order some for yourself over WhatsApp.

How to use our spicy Andhra Prawn Pickle without the risk of spoiling it?

Andhra Prawn Pickle stays good for consumption till 60 days from the date of manufacture. Once opened, we recommend,

  • To store it in the fridge
  • Do not keep the bottle outside or under direct sunlight.
  • Avoid using a wet spoon to serve the pickle.
  • Don’t put back anything into the bottle
  • Always maintain a layer of oil on top of the pickle

See what people are saying about our spicy Andhra Prawn Pickle

  1. Use this when you don’t have time to cook. I regularly try it with roti and rice. 
  2. Prawns are fully cleaned and fresh. I am amazed with the no preservatives concept. 

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