Bloom Boneless Andhra Keema + Andhra Prawns Pickle (Pack Of 2 X 230g)

Rs. 800 Rs. 900

  • Free shipping available
  • No preservatives
  • High quality ingredients
  • Generations old recipe
  • Tastes well with rice, chapatis, dosas, pav, etc
  • Excellent source of protein
  • Handcrafted with
Get your taste buds going crazy with our Andhra Keema Pickle! Juicy minced meat, cooked to perfection in aromatic Andhra spices. Use a spoonful in a piece of chapati, or get creative with a mutton keema wrap, or maybe keema dosa or a keema sub. The possibilities of feasting with this pickle are endless. Our spicy Andhra Keema Pickle batches are made with love, care, goodness, and hygiene.Fresh harvests of prawns are pickled in exotic spices that are indigenous to the Telugu states. Batches of our prawn pickle contain fresh and deveined prawns mixed in native Andhra spices and condiments along with groundnut oil. No preservatives are used in our homemade pickles. Two bottles of 230g each

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