Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle

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100% Authentic, Boneless and Skinned Andhra Chicken Pickle. No Chemical Additives and No Vinegar.

Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle - goodness of chicken, soaked in a spicy tangy delicious gravy! Scoop up some, spread on a paratha or mix with perfectly cooked long grain rice. Experience the depth and flavour of Andhra spices in each bite. 

Fresh harvest of well fed and well-bred poultry makes our spicy Andhra chicken pickle the excellent product that it is. Every bottle contains properly cleaned boneless chicken chunks cooked in a gravy made out of native Andhra spices and groundnut oil.

The Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle stays good for consumption till 90 days from the date of manufacture.

    Ingredients and Nutrition Facts (per 100 grams)

    Boneless chicken chunks, groundnut oil, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, salt, chilli powder, spices and condiments.


    18 grams


    12 grams


    35 grams


    430 Kcal


    <1 gram


    1 gram


    We source ingredients for our Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle from reliable farms and vendors. An efficient supply management chain and standard dealers ensure, what arrives at your table, is the best in the market.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do you use halal meat?

      Ans: Yes. All non-vegetarian recipes in our kitchen are made, keeping in mind, the religious and cultural aspects of people across the world. Hence, we use only halal meat in our recipes. 

    2. Can I use the Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle with roti or poori?

      Ans: Yes, not just roti and poori but our Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle goes perfectly with dosa, paratha and any other bread or crepe of your choice. For more ideas on tips and recipes, check out our blog.

    3. How long does this Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle stay good for consumption?

      Ans: The pickle is best consumed before 90 days from manufacturing. It is highly recommended to store the bottle in your refrigerator and maintain a layer of oil on top of the pickle.

    4. Can I use this pickle instead of curry?

      Ans: Yes, when you don’t feel like cooking, you can pair it up with any food of your choice and enjoy your meal.

    5. How do you ensure that the pickle stays good without preservatives?

      Ans: Apart from ensuring hygienic condition during the preparation of the pickles and proper selection of packaging material (glass bottles which are induction sealed) our usage of salt, lemon juice and oil ensures not only the flavour but also the quality and shelf-life of the pickle. The salt and lemon juice used during the pickling process act as natural preservatives. We also ensure that the water content in the pickle stays at a minimum to reduce any chances of spoilage. Finally, maintaining a layer of oil on top of the bottled pickle ensures that the pickle stays fresh for as long as possible.

    6. Do you give value packs for bulk orders on your pickles?

      Ans: Yes, we provide value packs for bulk orders. Please get in touch with us on WhatsApp at +91-76000 76555 to discuss logistics and discounts.

    7. Is the chicken used in this Andhra pickle skinless & boneless?

      Ans: Yes.

    The secrets in our recipe

    High quality poultry, local spices and lots of love are the secrets which go into our chicken pickle when prepared by our seasoned pickle chefs. The recipe is inspired by traditional kitchen rituals and pickle making techniques, indigenous to Andhra Pradesh. 

    Make chicken pickle a part of your everyday menu, and here’s why

    Chicken, being lean meat, is an amazing addition to your daily diet. Besides being rich in protein, chicken pickle is one of the best sources for calcium and phosphorus. It’s healthy for your heart (in limited quantity) and good for your teeth and bones. It also acts as a natural antidepressant improving your mood considerably.

    So, the next time you want to add zest and goodness to your meal, while maintaining health, try the spicy Andhra chicken pickle. 

    Pair up the Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle with your staples

    A little spoonful of this chicken pickle will never be enough for you. Why? Because it’s super yummy and super fun. Relish our spicy chicken pickle:

    • With soft aloo paratha.
    • Spread over a slice of bread
    • By getting creative with crepes or tortillas wraps
    • By not forgetting the classic good long grained white rice 

    Looking for Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle in the US/US/Middle East?

    Staying far away from home? Worry not! Bloom’s Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle will bring you closer to your home. We do bulk exports, so you might want to try out a bottle or two of our spicy chicken pickle.

    How to unbottle and relish our Boneless Andhra Chicken Pickle, without the risk of spoiling it?

    Andhra chicken pickle stays fit for consumption till 90 days from the date of manufacture. For longer shelf life, make sure you adhere to the following simple tips:

    • Store it in the fridge
    • Do not keep the bottle outside or under direct sunlight
    • Avoid using a wet spoon to serve the pickle
    • Don’t put back anything into the bottle
    • Always maintain a layer of oil on top of the pickle

    See what people are saying about our spicy Andhra chicken pickle

    1. Very tasty Andhra chicken pickle. I finished it off in two days and have already reordered the next bottle.
    2. What I loved about the chicken pickle is that it has lots of chicken chunks, is very delicious and makes for an amazing combination with roti & rice. 
    3. I eat the Andhra chicken pickle with rice as it saves on cooking time because I live far away from my family. I encourage every ‘chicken lover’ to give it a try. Very scrumptious.

    Other spicy and tangy flavours of chicken pickle are coming soon! Stay updated with upcoming pickles, our food stories, upcoming ‘pair it up’ contests and more by subscribing to our news letter.

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