Boneless Gongura Mutton Pickle

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100% Authentic, Boneless and Skinned Andhra Mutton  Pickle. No Chemical Additives and No Vinegar.

Tender and fully cooked chunks of mutton, dipped in gravy make this pickle nothing less than heavenly. Bloom Foods' spicy Boneless Andhra Gongura Mutton Pickle will have you go back in time, to days when kitchen traditions were followed religiously and no shortcuts were taken in the quest for good food. The Boneless Andhra Mutton Pickle is a perfect pick for you if mutton is something that makes your heart melt and your tongue salivate.

Superior quality lamb chunks make our mutton pickle taste heavenly and feel wholesome. Every bottle contains thoroughly cleaned mutton chunks in a gravy made out of native Andhra spices and groundnut oil.

The Boneless Andhra Gongura Mutton Pickle stays good for consumption until 90 days from the date of manufacture.


Sorrel leaves, Boneless mutton chunks, groundnut oil, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, salt, chili powder, spices, and condiments. 

We source ingredients for our Boneless Andhra Gongura Mutton Pickle from reliable farms and vendors. An efficient supply management chain and standard dealers ensure, what arrives at your table, is the best in the market.

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