EL THE COOK - Rogan Josh Kashmiri Tadka Jar

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EL THE COOK, Artisan Series are Small, Micro-Batch Tadkas, made in limited quantity only. These are seasonal and rare Indian Recipes, whose secrets are closely guarded by their makers.

These Recipes are Crafted to Perfection with Premium Ingredients cooked by true Artisan Chefs


During the Cold Winters of Kashmir, this slow-cooked delicacy is an absolute relish to eat. Lamb or Mutton is marinated in smoky and aromatic spices. The marinated meat is then cooked, low and slow in a rich, creamy yogurt-based gravy, creating an iconic dish.

At EL THE COOK®, our Artisan Chefs, have created a tadka encompassing these rich, unforgettable flavours and aromas like Black Cardamom and Fennel Seeds.

Rogan Josh Tadka captures the soul of Kashmir.

Crafted in Pure Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil, the gentle flavour of Kashmiri Chilly and aromatic whole spices is incorporated in a yogurt base. This Tadka is nothing short of Special.


  • Marinade 500g Mutton/Lamb/ Chicken with EL THE COOK® Rogan Josh Tadka as per taste. Add Salt as per Taste. Leave to rest for 30 Minutes.
  • In a Pan, Sear Marinated Meat for 5-10 minutes.
  • Add 2 cups of water and cook, covered for 30-40 minutes or till meat is tender.

Net Weight: 190gm Jar (For 4-5kg of Mutton/Lamb/Chicken)

Shelf Life: 9 Months

Storage: Once opened, Keep Refrigerated.

Delivered within 2-4 Working Days.

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