EL The Cook - Xacuti Powder

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Goan Xacuti (pronounced as CHA-KU-TI) Masala is a traditional coconut-based masala. It is most often used for making Vegetarian Dishes & Mutton Gravies.

Our Team at EL THE COOK brings you this essential paste in a traditional stone-ground powder, Preservative Free!  

Why Choose EL THE COOK Xacuti Powder?

At EL THE COOK, we are constantly looking for a new way to give you, the best tastes of India. Xacuti Masala is a true representation of Goa & is culture.

Xacuti Powder is a 100% Vegan, Convenient & Easy to Carry powder with that authentic Goan Taste.  


How does it Taste? 

Xacuti Masala is earthy & rich. A myriad of premium spices & fresh coconut used to make this masala. Xacuti is an aromatic blend of whole spices to add a touch of variety to your daily curries!


What's in the Powder?

Roasted Desiccated Coconut
Hand-Grated Coconut is gentle, dry-roasted over a slow wood-fired flame, to release essential oils.
Premium Spices 
Hand-Selected Spices are carefully added to create a rich and authentic Goan Powder Masala.

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