Licious Fresh Chicken Drumstick, 500g

Rs. 184
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Licious skinless and bone-in Chicken Drumsticks are cut from the lower leg portions. These juicy portions are flavourful and tender while being one of the fleshiest cuts of the bird. When it comes to nutrients, these succulent portions are high in proteins and vitamins. Thoroughly cleaned and cut, these drumsticks are ideal for grilled or fried dishes Licious meats & seafood: - Are kept chilled between 0-4°C to retain freshness. They are never frozen - Are weighed after being cut and cleaned. So you don't pay for unwanted parts or wastage, just meat - Are cut, cleaned in RO purified water & hygienically vacuum-sealed or packed into MAP trays - Pass through 150+ global standard safety & quality checks before they reach your doorstep

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